Wednesday, December 31, 2014

moving forward...

 First steps I wanted to see what the paint would be like to this canvas surface so of course the crow went on first, there will be more added at the bottom.

 I'm am not sure where this is going...I'm going on intuition...this a khaki color for the base ring another strip will be painted on there not sure if it will be Red or a light Turquoises.   I have 18 ft to paint around the bottom...been watching some movies and listening to some great music too. Something about holding a paint brush and the movement of the brush hairs pushing the paint around. I purchased some of Dynasty brushes that Jane Davies uses and I really like the way they glide.

My rock bowl and the jar of good positive things that happened this year..will be hoped probably tomorrow morning...and we will read what we spotted and wrote down through the year...I'm usually the one that does this but every once and awhile someone else will jot something down...what's funny is we so quickly forget what happens...and this a great reminder. 


  1. I think your jar of positive things that happened throughout the year is freakin' brilliant! And then reading them all a year later? What a fun gift. Thank you for the idea.

    1. Hi there Carol, We haven't opened it yet...waiting for all the adults to get home.


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