Thursday, December 04, 2014

Closure on the Year

1. What have I accomplished? This year has been a bit of the body and my hormones are starting to calm down which is a big help, for the thinking.  Boy they can sure can wreck havco on ones thinking...really distorting the thinking at that.   So to combat that I've worked on what brings on stress and how to manage that a bit better. Accomplishing the ability to do what you have to, not what you want to and completing it with grace. I've asked for help...on many fronts, as a spiritual helper, and a mentor instead of doing it alone, I've taken a step to ask for help upon doing that courage we seeded and maturity was lead in.  I can list the basket of checked off things I did but the biggest accomplishment was How I handle it and myself. 

2. How have I effected the people I love, my home, my neighbor, my environment and the magnitude of my career achievements?   without dragging the "Ego" in. 

Well this question has a lot being asked...First off I'm a home body...I do like little road trips but they seem to be to wooded I tended my home more this year and gardened and that does effect all around and I tried to love myself were I was on what every part of the path I was on with myself, home and art.  My neighbors...I extended a hand when needed...I think I worked with acceptance of the day which has an big effect on other things I do...allowing a natural flow, though times of struggle where always around, realizing great learning come from that struggle...rambling. 

3. Am I ready for some new self-discovery?  In the back of my mind...this is what I'm being coached to hear and bring to light.   I have a tipi and I so want to spend time in a spiritual way, by prayer, talking circles and drumming. This I will be on a road of learning for along time I feel and the need to be more present and listen and allow life to share it's gift...I know I may be sounding like I'm talking from some where else but the self discovery in starts by listening from with in.  

Well off to spend the day with my oldest daughter...we are going to One of A Kind today in the city of Chicago at the Merchandise Mart...we went last year on Thursday and really enjoyed it...

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