Friday, November 14, 2014

To Nature,

Something to read and reflect on....The Choice of hanging on...  After reading this and after book discussion yesterday about listening...I'm being tugged at to be outside giving to a part of myself that so connects to a richness of history and time of traditional take care of the home, yard and all that keeps us whole, warm and wonderfilled...I'm in need of more computer time of writing contracts, signing them and packing for a workshop this weekend that I will be presenting on Monday...and all I want to do is rake my leaves in the November spirit is calling me to be and do this and give of my time this way instead of being behind a screen...All good but listening to this flow of spirit that is coming over me...crazy? no only if I don't listen to it... to Rake the Leaves first today...then tend to what ever else....

I show this photo of the old Blue Rust Chevy we had the images holds a dream...

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  1. REALLY Cool!
    Good luck with the workshop = )


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