Thursday, November 20, 2014


My attention was brought to how do you approach yourself and things that need to be done outside of the studio space...?  creativity too?

What a cool perspective question, with timing on preparing the Thanksgiving Holiday meal in my home...there are set day that I can prepare some foods..and spacing that out so it goes smoothly...that that it makes it easier but that there a flow so to say.

And well I can't really start anything yet but cleaning...and de-cluttering to make room for 36 people. I have to admit I would dread this...which is so funny I had another spiritual mentor ask me what does dread me to you?

Just trying to make sense, connect and be in peace...

So Dread is like I was afraid of the whole approach leading up and into the festive event....Feared the chaos of getting it already and Perfect....  there it is...the word of words..that will put the brakes on the best of us.

It will stop the process of creating almost anything and add a whole suit case of other emotion...crap...I know from approaching the holiday and using my creative spirit and not dreading the entire event.

I'm first taking some time journal writing, blogging, with some prayer and meditation time. Then I have a system and putting the system into works...I think we each have one...and not comparing how we work or what is the best way....just do it and do it the way that seems to flow for you...and well as I'm writing this I'm giving myself a pep what is working and keep it true to heart and honesty...back to approaching my creative works and my work outside the studio...if I'm not in this mind site...then well I struggle...I'm really grateful that I've come to this point of's not a perfect knowing but it's one of learning and growing.

"Our Life is a work of art. We must seek always to be it's artist."  Kent Nerburn, The Hidden Beauty of Everyday Life" 

Now time for breakfast and to do some mundane tasks of cleaning that always lead to a door of creativity and inspiration...

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