Sunday, November 30, 2014

Morning Collage Sketch

Morning Collage Sketch
I pulled my bag out of magazines, glue and my scissors and open to the next page of my sketchbook. Pull out a piece of magazine paper and turn it over and the large red with bit of black was there to tear off and start a vertical composition. The next piece on was the stone wall placed sideways. I’m right away thinking a nice base.   I kept grabbing out of the plastic bag of scraps and continued to compose…Working with color, red, black, white, a bit of gray and the pale yellow green rock earth color.
Repeated pattern was brought back in and worked vertical next to the red. An Asymmetrical balance had begun.

Playing off of that asymmetrical side I even went higher up and used the black lines of the cut paper to then bring you back into the piece. Like a slide that slips you back into begin a part of it again.  Placement and size with shapes are used to keep it interesting and allow you time to hang out for a while hopefully and observe what is going on.  And what is going on?  Seem to be some bold strong statement with a feeling of a ladder as of climbing up to what? There seems to be a foundation at the bottom and section build up and then there is space off to the side to breath possibly? As I sit with this and really look at it I start to pull more and more out as of meaning why?  Being it’s my Morning Collage Sketch and it came after morning pages… a seeking or searching mode for me. I might be getting to deep for some though for me it’s all about process. Sometimes the meaning doesn’t come right away or is it supposed to.   The letting go and allowing some bigger than myself to direct, intuitive moments of yes I will cut and glue that there.  


  1. Very good post. Love the phrase "asymmetrical balance." Excellent description of your compositional thought process.


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