Friday, October 03, 2014

When I was just starting out...

and the internet was starting to grow...I found myself attracted to this Woman artist's work...

Then after checking her website now and then....I was inspired by the simplicity,color, basics and the emotional impact it made on me. I've seen and linked up with her on Facebook and watched her grow even more...

I think these are older pieces....and I'm sharing them on my blog in honor of how she inspired my works...I looked at her stuff and wonder..what if I use paper and did that...being I'm a collage and the fascination with the textural feel of paper I tried to learn as much as I could with collage and now that I look back at the work I see where my influence come from and of course from my own inner self-expression.

I'm not good at book reports or research papers so I'm not going to put a whole lot of stuff up here but I'm letting you know some of the women artist that have been influence in my art career. 


  1. I'd never heard of her before, but I really like her work. This is a great way to share stuff, I think. I'd much rather go to the link than read a "book report."

  2. Thanks for the introduction Laura. I like these works but I LOVE her latest stuff.


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