Sunday, October 12, 2014

Revisiting my creative process

 In Monday's Class, Abstract Landscapes...the need to know what their papers were going to be used for has been echoing out to me so I set this class...just for that.  Going out and taking some photographs of a walk or photos from a vacations and pulling the feeling, color and self-expression is part of the focus. In art and many of the creative process ex: like cooking we find what works and we work it...but there's many trails and errors...or feeling around and finding what works. This I found is when the Collage Sketchbook come in handy.  it's my place to extend, go off on a different path and see what things might look like..but with out expensive art materials. An for the most part connection and understanding...some times I'm not fully comprehending all that I'm witness so taking some time to explore what I would like to express is so helpful in a sketchbook. Here our my continued sketches on from the image I've gathered...I have to say I like each one of them and if I decided to create these on a permanent substrate it would be a great series..and I do love working with white, black, grays and other color.

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  1. Sketches!? Wow!....these are great.


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