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Monday, October 20, 2014

Instruction has been given...

I've been sharing some class ideas with the group of students at Mayslake Peabody Estate...the next couple of weeks will be for them to bring it all together... still hard to abstract something that is real to the eyes.

it's hard to let go...heck even I have a hard time...we are wired to see things in their truest forms but what about the part that hit us deep inside and we feel it...more then just see it...how do you express that?

We have been taught by society, authority and parental judgement to see and behave one way...

What if we want to step out of the box...and be rebellious with how we see things....it takes a shift in thinking I feel.  A freedom of sorts that turns into excitement for me. A part of a innocent self that wasn't hampered by society yet and authority and judgement didn't guide or influence...Can one find that again?

Abstract Art- Relying on color, pattern and form rather then realistic or naturalistic portrayal of subject matter. it's origination with recognizable form but amplified or distorted into a new entity.

time to look and turn into self-expression, Trust in natural instincts, intuitive understanding and time to let go and be rebellious...in fact I would like to say Invite it in...

break what you see down to basic color, patterns and form then rebuild it with your inner knowing and trust in that...

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