Friday, October 10, 2014


I'm still behind the computer this morning and I'm not going to say what time it is...I've just launch my invite to the first but repeat on-line  class today in Basic Design Collage Sketchbook class and well that takes some behind the scenes work and it's been a while and I kind of lost or forgot how to do things...silly...but had some breakfast and got on it and all is well.

My book club yesterday.....How to say open up aside of me that is more sensitive and mushy...that's the only way I can describe it.   I shared with some of the gals from the book club and then email the rest of them...they probably think I'm a bit crazed...but that shouldn't be to scary for them...kind like that any way....

but with sitting behind the computer at the kitchen table I'm able to witness and listen to the adult children of ours still living in the homestead here..and what's going on with their lives...and it's kind of cool when the decided to vent...Oh my gosh and that's all they need is to vent...they've got the smarts to figure it out....and I'm so proud of them....Now off to the woods...their calling. 

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