Thursday, October 09, 2014

Book Club today

I feel like a little kid....I've got a group of some exciting women coming over start up our Book Club again...we are reading Collen Baldrica book -Tree Spirited Women  I wandering upon this book up at The Clearing in Door County in the gift shop and just the image of the tree had me.  I picked up this small thin little book and then grabbed three more...not realizing what I was doing but already instinct for the book club I guess.   I set the three down and started to read the back cover and a opened to a random page and started to read. Well I bought two one to share with a dear friend in Georgia.

this whole thing lead a chain reaction to some other wonderful me chatting on the phone with Colleen  and discussion how she intend for this book to reach other people and that it's opens the door to discussion.

So from July...till now it's coming to be what it was meant to be...a story shared for all to embrace and savor and ponder how we can make good changes with ourselves and then that effects others...Well that's what I got from it and I'm sure I will hear other points of view today as we begin.

 taking the dogs to the dog park to let them run free and burn extra energy off.

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