Monday, October 27, 2014

A morning spill of ramble....all good though and a little BS

Spent most of the day in the yard....the morning cooking up foods I like to eat during the week.  What I missed was the Sand Hill Cranes...I expected them to be flying over..though there has been a few small flocks but there always seems to be the non-stop rush of continued "V"s and circling over our house.... to catch the next high thermal....

I had the fire pit burning the brush and then some of tall grasses I cut back and the little bits of the leftover veggie beds that I cleaned up.  The dogs were loving it laying in the sun...and keeping an eye on me as scurried around from the front to the back it's a part of seasonal things that I so love to be involved in...I know chatting with Deming Payne this past weekend he said he's the only one in his neighborhood that still cuts and tends to his own lawn....the lawn guys that take care of others yards give him the eye as of who are you taking over the territory.  

I had wanted to get up to the studio too but that seems to be fading lately...all my energy is going to teaching the classes...all good so in a few weeks I'll be completing them and then I can put some focus uninterrupted on the next totem piece.  I have two pieces I've been working on in the two classes one I'm kind of stumped on...and it's good, I know it sounds crazy to be feeling good about a piece that's got some issue but I do enjoy the challenge to solve the I will talk about it in class and put the problem solving hat on and see what can come of that...

The other one just came out and well it's done and I need to put a coat of clear on it.

This pass weekend I noticed the way people looked at my work in the Artists Open House...I'm thankful I don't hold my hopes on all that...I understand of it's hard for people to look at the pieces work if it doesn't relate to anything they can connect to. (house, barn, car, lake, trees etc.)  And from my personal understanding and from knowledge I've gain...Observation of any object or event can stir emotions and memories that shoot deep in and ping a part of us that we just don't want to deal with at any given moment. Good or bad it lets us know if we like it or not... or if it stirs something up we are ready to handle or even want to understand....but to let that stop one from carrying out a moment of self expression that leads to a whirl wind of other ideas is it's been many years of building  up the thicker skin and decided  not to take any of that seriously and to keep moving on. it's not my job to make sure everyone like the art that I my job is and has always been to show up and do what comes natural...and for me it's been to self express with piece work...clay, paper or found objects.

There are so many ideas floating around in my head that I personally would like to bring to the surface and make a reality out it called, living in my own be it...but one need not compare or put judgement on others opinions before you can fully see what your creative spirit can carry out. I would like to think the Rebel....Warrior Women...and a bit of careless wreck loose will win out before I listen to any of that BS....


  1. Your work is wonderful!! The hell with the people who don't get it!! Haha! Listen me all feisty-like!!

    1. Love you feistiness.


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