Thursday, September 18, 2014

This passed Tuesday

 Printing some painted deli sheets,
 these papers will be part of the students palette.
 The joy of playing around was never see more so then when we all were able to do some printing.
 Here student's are using the Nevr Dull..and I've not spelled that wrong...the product is spelled that way...using it on the National Geographic papers works best and using stencils for can make your own stencils too.
 The week before we created stained tissue papers, Cindy, Maureen, Karen and Amber are working on that now.
Just a quick class picture at Naperville Fine Art Center and Gallery. 

Anne Bagby has a great DVD out and this is one of her techniques of printing...making plates and using the deli sheets as the papers.  We painted the papers solid first so we had a nice base to build off of.

So today is picking the art for the Riverwalk Fine Art Fair....and then I've got to writing up a contract and registration form for a workshop that is just spring up in Janesville a group of ladies up that way that I can't say no must get busy. 

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