Saturday, September 13, 2014

Some Amazing works "Layers" Fine Line Creative Arts Center, St. Charles

 I took pictures of the ones that I like the best for some reason or another. I like this one because of the gestural lines...abstract landscape, Layers of gestural papers...kind of cool..Reminds me of the direction of an artist friends work Eve Ozer is going and that she's exploring lately. check out her Oil and Wax pieces...and on facebook too.

I really like this one because of the way the artist pushed back the images and let other move forward. 
Two artist's I know...Elaine Rath on the top and Sally Monkus, which Sally sold a piece last night. 

 Oh my gosh this was so cool...makes me pull out my assemblage stuff...but must finish other works first.
 a few other works there...took a photo so you can see the different works.

 I loved this one because of the line that was used and the repeated pattern.

This piece is amazing...all done with material and leather...and machine sewn...this artist has mastered this technique. I took a few photo's up close so you could see. 

 This was a very 2 D piece but the layers were amazing also. love the colors...spoke to me.

 Old tire papers, burn wood sticks and black thread and whole lot the shape.

 And this is an artist friend that I'm growing fond of her work and playful ways...Sally Tibbetts...she sold this piece last night.  Amazing.

 Texture behind the book and then the book on there with photo and the bone piece on top...something about the color and feeling of it all I do like.
 General photo so more pieces together...

Here I am....standing next to Flashback X   it's one of series of 13. This piece was my art therapy.  Growing up with dyslexia  life at times was a jumble of letters and words, but it was also full of some really great moments of inspiration, intuition and creativity that guided me empowering to work through it all...I still struggle now and then but I've made my peace and accepted my lot in it all... Gave it my all and little did I know this was going to happen and that I would received Best in Show... I do love life so and the best part of this whole evening was Randy came with me and we celebrated with a late dinner at Red Lobster...even had my favorite..Cheese cake...


  1. Congratulations, Laura. This was so much fun to walk through the gallery with you.. I was especially taken with Eve Ozer's work. Just starting another encaustic class and feeling intimidated--but today you spurred me on to go to work again.

  2. Congratulations, Laura! I have been following your blog after finding you in Cloth, Paper, Scissors. I LOVE your art and I'm enjoying your blog very much...I even bought a tack iron and brought it (and Polymer) to my weekly arting circle...This piece is beautiful, as is so much of your work. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Love all your choices...but I can see why you won. Fabulous put your heart and soul into this one.

  4. It was a great show. Lots of really good work. Nice to see my piece here, thanks

  5. I love your story about your struggles with dyslexia. Your piece had a lot of layers and variety of shapes and design. Amazing story and work.


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