Thursday, September 04, 2014

One more tent to get ready....

This is just one tent....I never fussed so much...I really took advantage of the time and space...I have two tents almost completely stocked but need to arrange the other one today.  Had a threat of over night and survived and a bit this morning...major threats will be tonight and tomorrow.

I can't believe the open space in my up stairs area where I've been storing this's sure nice to see...Now if I can find homes for this piece that would be wonderful.


  1. Lovely it see the work that you have posted over the past months, up and ready for sale and new homes...... Your blog is an inspiration. Thank you.

    1. Oh thanks Honey...I work best when there's a bit of fire and deadlines...under my behind adds to the creative drama.

  2. Hi Laura: great set-up! Can you please explain how you attached you artwork to the walls of your tent? All the best of success!


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