Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How do you know what your passion is?

So I've got this Life Coach in my Class...Cindy. We had a great time yesterday...and the topic of passion came up, and we were all curious about how do you know what your passion is?   She simple said what you were doing and loved to do as a child.....

So that's got me thinking and share it Randy and he said that's why we get along so well...

Things I did when I was younger and love to do

* Color in a coloring book the smell of the books paper the feel of the paper and the wax smell and then the repeated movement of it in a circle formation or back and forth, softly or with determined pressure.

* then there was building house in the sand box, in my imaginary world of living on a farm with lots of land and tending that.

* Play doe, love that and the feeling of as my fingers and hand made it into what every creature came to mind.

* Camping, tent building hanging out around a fire.

* hang out in the woods, by a stream and lakes
* canoeing
* riding my bike all over
* hiking and following deer and animal paths

* drawing
* playing with ticker toys
* barbies but they had a horse and I build a barn with my ticker toys and well the rest was set in gear with the imaginary play.

Well,,,when Cindy share this I did a quick look back at my childhood and I know that I've been interlocked with my passions for a long time. With out sounding all big of myself....I'm more in gratitude that I am able to still do these things on a larger scale but connect so willing with it.

So why would I want to ask this....What is the hardest thing about being a woman artists....and it's stuff like this that is hard when you know your on the right path and connection so spiritually with all your senses and then the other side of the coin so to say is to bring in the $ issue and business....when I hear that you have to learn how to balance both these worlds if you follow you passion and our a creative have to make peace with this all...and at's really hard to keep flipping the coin around...

Rambling I know but part of the process of living is understand where you stand and what the next steps will be and in order to do that introspective work must be done....and for me I love to do this kind of work and then let it come out in my art....

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