Monday, September 01, 2014

Continuing my personal exercise ....

 So here's the view finder again and the image of the page...some randomness.

 This seems to be falling into a stratus composition where by the horizontal line seem to be the strongest. But as in the view finder above things were broken up as of the word clusters, so why not change it up on the composition? I love the word in the back ground.

Now on this one I started off with the solid grey areas and built up on top...and used up some of word magazine page I head left. Adding the diagonal darker line in there seemed to ad a bit more excitement to this piece...cut it up so to say...contrast with value.

it totally amazes me how one view finder can spark so many different possibilities.   but only if you allow it to happens. As in the course of putting this collage sketch together new intuitive ways come into play and I act on them.  I can't emphasis enough how the  natural instinct of cause and effect jumps into play for me. Having one idea or guide and then when you place a piece of paper down you can react to is by changing you mind on what the next step will be or calls strongest to be changed or worked on.  The Beauty of the Process. 

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