Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Collage Class Starts today at Naperville Fine Art Center and Gallery

I have to admit I had my concerns about the class going but then one last e-blast was sent out as a reminder and happy to say there is a class starting today and everyone in the class is happy about that...they didn't' want to miss it.  And I too didn't want it to get lost in the class lists.

So I getting my materials ready and will be heading out...

We will be making the paper for the first two week...and then after freeing up the pinned up Adulthood and opening to doors to some much needed play time we will move into the different surfaces.

Our first surface will be a Whole foods brown groceries bag.

One never knows when the will need a piece of art on a brown bag... it's kind of fun to create on a surface like this...some many have some trouble accepting the surface as of making art on a brown bag...but I purely enjoyed it myself. 

Well got to run and get finished packing and getting a lunch ready. 


  1. oooooooooooooo...love them!

    1. We'll be making then in about two weeks...just a different surface to create on...which means the process is altered to just a slight bit...more creative thinking might be needed.


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