Saturday, August 09, 2014

Studio time.....

 My first box of journals is to bag them get them ready for the Outdoor studio exhibit...
I do enjoy the hand stitching part in the evening and relaxing.

 this is the next section of the totem piece...which is changing as I even write about it...going with the intuitive nature on this.  After seeing the Kandinsky exhibit in Wisconsin the angle and lines and bold solid colors are ever so present.

 The small 6 x 12 piece will have an image transfer of this adolesent girl and the writing on it...I'll probably add more but don't want to over power it with to much stuff the eyes of this gal are so powerful as it is
it's growing...I've done some graphite glazing and excited about that. 

Now homestead this morning and hopeful back up to the studio this afternoon...much to do. 

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  1. Your Kandinsky inspired lines remind me of a dream catcher.


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