Saturday, August 09, 2014

So what if they did write a letter....

I wished I would have received a letter from my father's mother, Grandma Lein, this is what I know from stories. She loved her chickens and had many of them. She gave birth to ten children, I think there was twins in there and possible death of them but unsure. Just family talk. She was some kind of woman to have all those children.   What kind of advice would she pass down or share with her future grandchildren?  Well when I was very young my grandparents moved up to Wisconsin and had a farm and my Uncle Ed and his wife Aunt Fran ran it...chickens every where I remember...could that by why I seem to want them?  I remember those chicken and walking in the hen house and gathering them up. Who knows but there is a lot of care that would be need and protection for the chickens with the critters around my home...another story.

There is a part of my family history I will never know...because the story tellers have passed but my father will be coming down in a few weeks so I will poke around and ask some questions...what question I don't know yet.

Now four adult children...not grandchildren in site.  I think I would be ready for them if the did come...keep wanting to get a new puppy all the time so the need to nurture is there.

I think if I was to right a letter to my Grand children it would say this...

Dear Grandchildren,

Grandma wants to write to you and let you know how much she loves you....your not born yet but your are an inspirational spark of the next generation. I'm so proud of your mother and father. And we just want to share our love with you. Hold you and wrap you in a comfort, warmth and security of our arms. I won't be able to keep you out of harms way your parents will teach you that. As long as you can explore the outdoors and breath fresh air, watch the winds in the rustling trees, feel the rains, build a snowman or just witness the change of season,  use all your sense to know the world around you. Splash in the mud and let it gush through your toes. So much a part of your life my get lost with all the new technology and keep you from venturing outside, but don't forget the grandest mother of all...that is Mother Earth. You're  loved from a far more dearer then you know.

Well there is my letter... just let it spill out here on the blog...I'll make a copy of this and yesterdays so I have record of this as I'm working through the "Treespiritedwoman" book.

Yesterday I visited a dear friend at the art league and frame shop.  It was good to see her. We've not shared all of our lives but we've shared enough to feel very comfortable and trusting with each other. I had needed a break from working in the studio....and have spent quite a bit of time on my own so a visit was fitting.  I have to say I do miss the art league but not the difficult personalities...that's an area I flew from, and didn't know how to personally I chose to walk away from.  Peace was brought about in my life by that.   Ramblings but all part of some kind of inner quest...kind of cool and I'm game to see where it will take me. 

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