Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Labels to image transfers

I have to admit this is the part that I'm not to fond of but then it takes just a minute more or an inch one way or the other to be feeling better about the whole thing...what is that whole thing anyways, right?

In being in the process of some act or action not always is it a good feeling...though I love being in the making of something...though there are those moments when in process some would give up or pitch out because it's become to tedious or feels like a failure.   Out the window it might go with the bath water and the baby...I've been know for that action too.

And then there's the reminder that process is taking steps to get to somewhere....breaking things down to manageable portions and making progress with that step.  The key words are "Making progress with that step."

Ideas, hunches, hints, nudges words read or hear are where it all begins and the gift of igniting it and carrying things out is awesome and scary all in one.

What am I rambling about....well, the steps I'm taking to put on a Outdoor Studio Exhibit...and the steps I'm taking to bring forth an idea of a new piece of art.  

(in the photo here the image is skewed because of how tall and it's leaning against a shelling unit and things are not straight.)

I've not bolted this all together yet and there has been some changes but the ideas is coming forth. Section, segments of connective-ness in color, size, and shapes....This is not what I thought of when I came up with doing totems...of course everyone things of animals...heck I even did but then I stepped a side and let it go...and well trusting in the process and choices this is where I'm at, a state of unknowing but going about and doing it anyways. 

on to yoga and some self care's Wednesday and thought I'm with myself alone a lot during the day I will think more of self care in all that I do...Mind body and soul...


  1. Hey Lady, had to look up totem because like you said, one thinks of animals. It is defined as a being, object or symbol representing an animal or plant that serves as an emblem of a group of people. The more modern meaning, as most think of it today, is an animal that serves as a spiritual symbol for one person. So, I want to get inside your head. Your original idea had to do with animals and you imagined totem poles because of their scale? As usual, the process of taking steps to get somewhere, leads in different directions. Those hunches, ideas and hints are scary and exciting, but ultimately, rewarding. What ideas does the pictured totem communicate?

  2. As I was working on this piece....the idea started to come to me about a series with in a piece. I've had the image of the girls face for some time now and had to wait till now to use it....I would like to think of her as a strong gal...and there will be an image of an oak tree in the square below her. And of course a crow on the bottom one at the bottom so I'm in incorporating the plant / animal image in there but with some bold colors of the four directions Red, yellow black and white and the royal blue. I would also like to think of connections how things are all connected so the cross over of lines and repeat shapes help it stay connected. Rambling...but a good one as I'm working on it things fly around and I really need to write them down so when I'm finished a can have a nice statement about it.


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