Monday, August 18, 2014

Getting creative all over the place

I managed to frame up 6 piece of art, cutting the mats and glass and I had enough frames that it worked out nicely.  In stead of doing yoga this morning. I was up there early in my night gown with a my apron on and just going to town. Came down and got a shower going and went food shopping...hit "the farm" and got some good veggies.

I'm trying out a few new things....a zucchini bread and some pancakes... Plus I was able to finish my journal last night for my personal Morning Pages..

I'm going in all directions I know...hoping to have enough energy for dinner cooking...corn on the cob, some nice pork chops and some fresh green beans...I've been trying things out before Wednesday when I have the art tribe over...make to see how some thing work, being there new recipes...well the pancakes were for me today...left over shredded zucchini...had to use it up.

I need to clean my home today or tomorrow... clutter away "poof"  darn it, it didn't work...guess I'm going to have to get physical with this now...Oh saw the movie, Hundred foot, Journey...was good.

Last thing just pulled out the Chocolate Zucchini bread and it looks good...I'm planning on cutting it to nice thick slices and some vanilla Ice cream and some fresh berries on top...


  1. I feel the same way, going in all different directions...getting up early to prep for classes; we ran out of blue watercolor refills! Imagine: no blue...well, we adjust, right? Deal with it. That's life. It's ok. I'm not staying late. Instead, I come home to cook whole. Take care of myself. Go to yoga, work in my studio or simply research on line. I got sucked in to musical genres last night. Time slipped away and I got to bed way too late...make the best of your time today, Laura. PEACE

    1. YOGA!!! its Tuesday...have a great session and sweat yourself silly.

  2. Slow down girl, I'm getting tired just reading about your day.

  3. Sorry's in the genes as my mom is a doer too...and we try to pack as much in as possible and I know when I get sick...oh that's the worst...maybe a touch of workaholic in me...


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