Monday, August 25, 2014

From one piece to the next....inspiration.

So back to the word's like an evil demon in my book but as I've read many times a part of the natural course in any step forward.   Allowing it to seep in or allowing myself to take a sip...then another and another I've passed the point and might as well take the whole big gulp of doubt...or see it for what it really is. A moment to stop...that's right stop and take a gander at things. Look around gain a good perspective. Examine where you where, where you are and where you would like to go and see if you need to make adjustments.  And yes doubt will visit again as it should in our lives, as I said part of a natural course. 

I bring this up because for every event or show, fair class and workshop I go through this process of working with the doubt, sometimes it's with grace and other times it with scratches and some bandages in area's that I felt I was hurt. 

So with this doubt also comes an air of acceptance which when partnered together humbles my soul and I can see a whole lot better what is being ask of and set in motion. 

On Saturday I was in doubt....had the paper ready and for some reason was ready....but when Sunday morning came I latch on really hard to the idea and started on this big piece....right now it's in process as of the papers are just tack down to the 36 x 36 canvas and I still have to work on the upper left quad-run and then the glazing will coming and shadowing.  As you can see the one below it is finished and only 8" x 8" and so I've in enlarged the piece to the 36".   At this point I realized it hard to copy your own I'm letting go and allow what ever comes be....using totally different papers but happy about that I'm not sure how the glazing will be but I've used my own work as a spring board/ inspiration for another piece. Much like the small collage sketches in the past blog posts. 

in process 36 x 36 collage on canvas... so much happens when the glazing comes on it changes the's a process I go through and then I'm able to react to it....A cause and effect that happens when I do these self expression pieces. Or it just adds a depth and a real rich quality with color and textures on the papers.  What every it is I do and love it's effect, bring unity to the papers also. 

Quiet your mind, 8" x 8" used for the postcard for the 7th Annual Outdoor Studio Exhibit... my hopes are to have this big piece completed in the next two weeks...

Off to do my morning tending, of mind, body and soul. 


  1. really cool...all the best to you!

  2. Read this post AFTER the one where you have the larger piece further in process. Interesting to read backwards. Bet there are messages to be found doing it that way. My head hurts too much to think very hard on it at the moment.


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