Sunday, August 31, 2014

Exploring another composition with a view finder-Rectangle

So using a rectangle view finder this morning is very odd for this habitual gal of a "squares"

I picked this view with words as a form of shapes which I feel it will really push me to reach a different level of composition and most of all understand of it. 

 So now I've taken the shapes and actually draw them in and of course because of photographing them on an angle...has distorted it a bit. Though this could be a good thing....

 Using the magazines to explore this composition... as simple as possible then it just took over and I went at it and it's interesting... Using the the larger words and crinkling and putting them upside down was intentional. so I created it this way first...

And now I turned the composition over and look at it with the stronger solid base on the bottom...I believe it can work either I continue this a few more times and see what comes of it. 

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