Monday, August 11, 2014

Energy is high.....or is it anxiety?

 Kraft paper that rest under all the other papers I create for the collage process and when it gets a few layers I add a bit more and use the arms and spread the "Shit" out of the surface...that's's so freeing to do this and physical let it out.  So from not control what so ever to the next paper making session of lines.....

I've just showed you my split personalities...Chaos and stability floating around in the same body...yikes this could be a the photo below is a mess.   

I couldn't stop myself...the banging and saw sounds from downstairs as the husband got back into the bathroom was heaven to my ears...but I still put the Ipod in and let it shuffle it's way around all the different music I have to listen to and then I started to get hungry and well couldn't fit one more thing in my bucket of white water from the gesso Kraft paper I was making and spreading all over the place...Our motto is, "If you not making a mess then you're not having fun"  so off to coat the papers I made and do some food shopping...

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