Thursday, August 14, 2014

Being a good Listener

So a few days back I started to reread "Tree Spirited Woman" and well I've been trying very heard to put in to practice this next chapter on Listening.  I'm one that has a hard time keeping quiet or lets say getting to the quiet.   For some reason I'm a mind circler and not so much in a bad way but I really do think it's for comprehension of understanding...I gravitate towards that and with it comes connections.

So to be quiet to really listen...I get it in Yoga...I've got my eyes closed and listening to the DVD instructor and breathing...I get it when I'm walking too. I flick a different switch and slide in to the moment. Tree Spirited Woman share's "silence is hard for many," and there is much one misses if time is not taken to hear and see one's surroundings.

The last few days I've tried to put this all into practice.  I so easily slip in my house...being that when everyone leaves in the morning they don't have much to I feel like I should say something...and then they grumble and head out the which point I'm left with the house sounds or if I want to put music on.  I end up listening to my circling but on days when I encounter people I'm really trying to give my nervousness of silences some time and wait before I start to babble off.

Yesterday I gave it a better try for most of the day. It was interesting it be there for them the gift of listening...and that's a way to put it in to the right perspective is a many people do that for me...not sure if the want to really listen to my circling thoughts but with my rambling I do I receive the gift so much I just feel to continue to put it into practice on my end and return that gift...what I'm find out is there's more silent moments and I need to be able to be comfortable with that...always an opportunity to grow.

Tree Spirited Woman shares, One does not communicate with words only. One also communicates with tone of voice and the physical actions of the body. When one truly listens, one sees, one hears, and one feels all that is being spoken.

Here's where I would like to learn more..."Those who truly listen are not thinking of the words that they will soon speak; they are looking at the person who is talking, and understanding all that is being communicated. This gift of listening will leave the person who has been talking with a feeling of having been heard."  "All people need someone to listen." "The gift of listening does not cost money, but it will be greatly treasured by all who receive it"

off to be a good listener now even if it's in the woods at first and I think rightly so...

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  1. "Never miss a good chance to shut up." -- Will Rogers. :-)


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