Thursday, August 07, 2014

a bit of socializing and then off to work

It's Thursday and got a walk in the woods this morning instead of Yoga and planning on heading up to the studio shortly.  Been doing the behind the scenes kind of stuff..."Marketing, updating the website a bit....and well all things that would have to be done about now for an Exhibit of any sorts.   Not sure if I made in time for the newspapers but well doing the best I can.

Slept again in the tipi and well it's a awesome thing but one does have to get use to the sounds with out the house walls and only the canvas sides of the tipi...then once things calm down all is well.  I just hope no one lucks me out of the house, just in case I've got to go to the funny if that happens.  Everyone knows I'm out there because My big boy Hank wants to come out with me but I don't let him only because it would get on the air mattress with me and poke a hole with his big toe nails...but I might try it next time and bring his bed out there....

Well no art at this time just time to stop socializing and get busy.

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