Saturday, August 23, 2014

10 minute collage sketch...continued composition exercise.

 Not the angle I would seek for this little sketch but it is a new perspective and good know what makes me uneasy with it.
 This is the way I created this piece this morning but as you can see the different directions have you seeing all the elements added computer or the blog decided to put them on there side ways and well then I went with it and posted up all the different angles to look at.

 Again this one is not what I would choose for the angle to be viewed.   though it again has me seeing the elements I added.
From yesterday the collage sketchbook exercise with the view finder to today I didn't pull it out and went with what I remembered and well the magazine page already had the archway door effect and I added that in there and of course the rocks and some kind of lineages in there and what every else seem to intuitively place itself.  I'm not sure I like this one as good as the black and white ones I did yesterday but I feel it was a good exercise this morning to know that not all sketches are going to be it but more so growth steps. Expanding on an idea or taking a risk on another.  I think it took me all about 10 minutes even cleaning off my fingers from the extra glue stick.  But the point it I'm really getting to know this composition so much so that it's becoming mine....I may try it again tomorrow morning to see what comes...but on to the next one or something else. 

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