Sunday, July 27, 2014

Was out and about yesterday

I don't go out to the big stores that much...but yesterday I was following the trail through Ikea and stumble upon this stool.  I bought one and assembled and it's pretty sturdy.  So with that I think I'll get me about 8 more...same price as the 5 gallon buckets and they stack on top of each other so when not in use for a circle talk they will able to stack nicely and not take up room and I won't have to find a place for the bucket lids if I did that....

There's a section around the inside of the tipi that the patio blocks doesn't cover so I was thinking of some kind of mulch, then the ideas of cedar bedding that you would use for the small critters would smell so you can see I was out and about gather some stuff.  Along with food shopping I was in the kitchen doing some cooking and food prep for the week.  I also needed to get some last minute things for the workshop coming up next week. 

My one garden square is over flowing with green abundance there...and if you can see I have a spaghetti squash down on the left hand side of the photo here and I think another one growing inside...there's already some tomatoes coming out too.

Well next on the list to purchase is a air mattress for the tipi...I do plan on sleeping out side in it a few times soon...but got to wait till I get back from the workshop. It will be a treat...


  1. It's all shaping up so well.

  2. that it is Jo....kind of wild I would say....with a little help from all my family and the big man up stairs..

  3. Sounds like super fun!


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