Monday, July 07, 2014

Refocus....steering it left to right

Do you every have a morning when you wake up and ideas are revisited and new energy enters back in to those ideas that.... well you thought might be one big false spontaneous moment? know a waste of time.  Well that's what happens this morning to me.  Refocus on the good ideas and  bustin a move on them.  My signs are to be silent with them but act on it well see what a Glib kind of gal can know "Chatty Cathy"   that's me always talking about what I'm doing...or making it all about to speak.

This fueled me- article in the Sunday Trib....after I read it I though I know this so well and need to activate it again...the limitations are the source for creativity energies.  I love it.

Also my personal thought is look out world Creativity is going to hit you like a big storm...I see us-all us human's really coming together creatively and with a passion and love to make a difference...yes that sounds all fantasy but we are very limited now with all the option we have around us to live a better life as of what the Government is feeding's time to pull on My/Your creativity to make a difference in all that we do and use... 

How this all got to where my thinking is...the need to take from the outside to fill a void on the inside in myself is driving me crazy lately and I question what is wants are really out weighing what my needs are...and my needs are all taken care of.  Instead of purchasing things I have good resources and stuff already...Rambling I know but this is where the excitement starts...creativity kicks in for my own lively hood. Well off I go new source of energy guiding the way...Imagery is so strong and action can only follow... 


  1. Creative people know the difference between pressure and stress. One of the good quotes from the article you shared. This is one of your strengths, Laura. You have taught yourself over the course of 15 years to put pressure on yourself with all kinds of strategies, like keeping a routine, lists, tallies, shows, workshops, travel, new technologies, reading and constantly playing...I can't help but wonder what kind of action followed your source of energy ya

    1. cut some stencils for smaller Spirit horse, taught class, did tack down Tuesday and go my 1.5 hours in on the front flower beds and need one more and the front is done...going to the accountant tomorrow for a free consultant. scared but excited. made the family some dinner and helped an artist out with her questions about a blog and website and sales.


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