Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It came today....Hand delivered

I'm an official owner of a Sioux style, White Buffalo Lodge.  As it sits now I feels like its suppose to have been there all along. Tipi Dan delivered it today on this way to Forest Park IL. to drop of poles then he's heading back to Sturgis South Dakota to delivery a few tipi's for the big rally and then home to Montana.

There needs to be some landscaping altered and some adjustments to things but it's here.....for a very long time at least 18 years I've wanted a tipi, and had many papermaking tents and art fair tents but never in my wildest dreams did I think this could happen.   I just keep thinking about a Goddess tent while I was weeding and well this is even better. Nice manageable size for me and inside too there is space. Doing some back yard Camping.

Got to figure out the floor situation and what kind of means I'll have, like an air mattress and some big pillow's or what don't know....  Dang I still can't believe it. All so wildly meant to be...I just pray I can take care of it well... and need to do my research and stuff...learn about clove hitches and half hitches...Knot tying 101...back to learning some else new.

I'm exhausted my home is all picked up because I was excited about it coming today that now....I'm needing nap...just might put my lawn chair.

Thank you tipi Dan....and Jamie at Eagle's Nest in Oregon IL. 


  1. Fabulous! Your perfect 'me' space.

    1. That's right Jo...now I need to learn to slow the brain down and sit still....hahaha.


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