Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Hodge Podge of inspiration nudging...signs

While on the weekend get away I prepared my attitude for openness and non judgmental awareness.  Gosh I wish I could do that all the time...might be something to work towards.  So what I was aware of was this....Turkey Vultures...yes that's right Turkey Vultures.  They were in abundance down in Southern IL.  I'm sure in a lot of other places too but you were for surely aware of them there.

Wing span stretch out to the tips of the wing fingers...I that is my favorite part to see when I look up at any bird, I see that all the time with Crows around there.  No sound that I know if from this graceful gliders and you could barely see there heads.  I read a book a while back by Martha Beck...Finding you way in a new wild world. Might not be for everyone. I so connected to what she was talking about.

Our relationship to us and the world around us even the animals and what they might be sharing with us.  She had me there...because I've always had a think for what they might be sharing with me as "spirit guides"   and well I have been guided by the Turkey Vulture recently I feel.

They are of Purification...Death and rebirth-New Vision,

A bit of a story....from Animal speaks,

In the earliest of times, the sun lived very close to the earth-so close in fact that life upon earth was becoming unbearable. The animal world got together and decided to do something about it. they wanted to move the sun further away. The fox was the first to volunteer, and he grabbed the sun in his month and began to run to the heavens. After a short while, the sun became too hot burning the fox's mouth, and he stopped. To this day, the inside of the fox's mouth is black. 

Then the opossum volunteered. He wrapped his tail around the sun and began running toward the heavens. Before long though the sun became too hot, burning his tail, and he had to stop. To this day the opossum has no hair upon his tail. 

It was then that vulture stepped forward. Vulture was the most beautiful and powerful of the birds. Upon its head was a beautiful mantle of rich feathering that all other birds envied. Knowing that the earth would burn up unless someone moved the sun, the vulture placed it's head against it and began to fly to the heavens. with powerful strokes of its wings, it pushed and pushed the sun further and further up in to the heavens. Though it could feel it's crown feathers burning, the vulture continued until sun was set at a safe distance in the sky away from the earth. Unfortunately, vulture lost its magnificent head of feathers for eternity. 

This is the stuff I like to fill my head with is I read on and find out some insightful stuff that can be useful for the direction or path I seem to be on.. Vultures have a wonderful ability to see and use the thermals rising from the earth, giving them lift....I witness twice a year with the migration of the Sand Hill Cranes and now the Bald Eagles, Hawks and Turkey Vultures, (Black Eagles)

My inspiration is See ahead...up and above...

If a turkey vulture has come into your life, you will probably soon start to see auras and colors around people and things. If not the vulture can help teach this will be exciting...sure a suggestive statement...but before reading this I've gravitated to these Spirit Horse I want to make with multi colors and textures..."There's a sign"

Here's some other sign....Vulture are patient hunters...It can soar for hours with out flapping it's wings. they are tremendous symbols of flight with out power. (I'm a air sign) they ride thermals and windboren updrafts. they use air currents to interfere with the pull of gravity and allow themselves to fly. In essence, they do not need to expend much energy to oppose gravity. This is seen in the fact that their wings rarely move, reflecting that the power for flight does not come from them.  They simple use what is available. (personal understanding that their is a Great Spirit, another sign)

This ability to use energy powerfully and efficiently is part of what vulture teaches.

Forgive me...but I get this moments like this and I've got to act on them...

It is not unusual for those with a vulture totem to have changes in their own digestive system occur.  (well I'm experiencing this fulling...sugar, flour, milk and corn products along with other grains right now cause major imbalance with my system)  Food that you eat are going to have a more noticeable effect on upon you energy system. Pay attention to how you feel physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually after eating various foods. (this is so true) You will soon discover which you may need to avoid and which you many need to increase.  (another sign)

For a Gemini...this is to gab....The vulture has no real voice. It will force air out its bill and hiss. To some this reflects the lesson of acting rather than talking....(another sign, got my action in line already)

There is a long incubation period in breeding and rearing a single chick...the young don't leave the nest or fly until three months. For this reason there is the belief that it may take as much as three months before an individual begins to truly move past the death stage to rebirth, as is symbolized by the vulture.  

This is the time of year-Every July I decide to have an Outdoor studio exhibit or preparing for it I give myself three funny...another sign...I've got some ideas that I'm activating and would love to give birth to...Call me crazy, a bit off my rocker...but this kind of stuff has been a guidance system for me for a long time.

I decide out of curiosity to keep track of my time...why?  because I want to I started a tally list on the side bar...I did this with my walking and keep track of the mileages since 2007...

 my action yesterday...set for video for my on line class....
 completed to collage covers for new coptic stitch journals and wood panel.
 completed and applied hang system on back of Pale pony print on wood panel for a birthday gift.
And plans are to apply multi colors to the Gesso Kraft paper for the next series I'll be working on, Spirit Horses on Tar Paper...Can I say I'm very excited to be in action right now....

This all fills my day up and well besides tending to the homestead inside and out....this is my dailiness, my inspiration and signs...a hodge podge of nudges....


  1. The way you just weaved stories and personal experience together could only come from a kick ass woman! I wish I could remember who said this, "paint what you know." That's what you do Laura and you try to keep it simple too, even though emotions can be complex. Just do it.

  2. Thanks was a little old Russian Elder at LaGrange Art League that said that to me...I think it was when she asked me to teach...I said I not taught like this...she said, Just teach what you know...or could be paint what you know too.

  3. Love this post, Laura. Love the stories!


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