Friday, July 11, 2014

Going Sane....feels like being insane....So I ran away....

One of Julia Cameron's famous saying out of her First book....I pulled on that because for whatever reason I was feeling a bit insane yesterday morning...did all my good self care, journal writing, reading some inspirational spiritual words and eating a healthy breakfast.

One of the students from my on line class asked if I knew anyone that would like to go to the Kandinsky Exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum....? (I should have called her) well, I've been thinking about the Chicago Art Institute and going there but this sounded like a day trip-"a Laura's Big Adventure Day,"  I had the choice to start cutting the lawn, and working in my studio or take a risk and run away...I didn't tell a soul but mentioned it on this blog. My Inner critic was've got to tell someone what happens if you get hurt?

Got dressed up nice....skirt, nice new top that I hadn't wore and my comfort sandals for walking-my Keen's (creating some drama in my life, good drama that is..) and packed an big apple and and sketchbook, which I didn't bring in at the last minute I decided to just bring me and my phone camera.  Stopped off at the bank, and filled up my gas tank and the little lonecrow transit and I headed up the road a ways.

 I was not allow to take pictures of anything after this point of Wassily Kandinsky Exhibit.  I can say a few things...Russian born, enrolls in Law, but abandons his doctorate thesis to manage a printing factory....then things started to change for him.  He started painting plein air because that's what everyone else was doing...but then got into lino cuts and printing and expanded and formed the Blue Riders group with Franz Marc and a few other artists...and the use of color, shape, line and all else took hold with a newer sense of inner and outer workings...and what the colors represented to them, lets say a more spiritual aspect.

 This is an image I gathered from on line...and it's one of his works that he had in is own home and sat next to his kitchen table and chairs...Kandinsky's natural instincts to go over things and really look at it from going to law school fell in place with the many drawing and sketches he worked at to bring his work to light...with all the war at this time and moving around and loosing his home many times when he did go back home at times his work went back to a plein air aspect capturing the home or grounding himself and then it branched back to the abstracts you see and many more.  Towards the end of his life he settled into a more calmer and softer mode and you can see that in his later works with the color palette and the relationship he had with the shapes and the study of Micro organisms under a telescope and the shapes and colors that influenced him.

I've got my pamphlet and ticket stub...going to put in my one art journal I have from my artist dates I've been on. I was able to make it in time for the walk though and little lecture, had my head phones on and listened all the way was about 30 minutes.  Then walked through the other part of the museum and came to two artist besides Georiga O'keeffe's work, Hans Hoffman and Richard Diebenkorn work....I might have to gift myself with a book of his work, Richards that is...I do like the feeling I get from looking at his large paintings.  Don't know if it happens to you but the work that I like has to hit me emotionally...right into the core of my being.

Well off to do my own works and settle into a more saner attitude today. One of Gratitude.   Something I've also have to accept is my moments of kindness to myself I think I have to realize when I feeling like I'm about ready it flip of flip it out and all over the place, I'm really ready to "Expand" on some moments of growth. (word on my rock in the morning)   With an intuitive moment that was the nudge I had to run away...yesterday and head to WI.

When I got home....I kind of keep it a secret and didn't say anything about my big adventure, till my one daughter asked...and this morning I shared it with my husband....he asked how the transit did and I said find and then he asked if I was going to run away to Oregon and buy myself a teepee?  Not sure if that's where I would get one if I was really going to live out that dream/illusion but how wild would that be?  Really I put that idea on the shelf...teepee purchase that is...but maybe still a tent for a "self nurturing hut"

My last artist date was on my birthday...way over glad I ran away.

Morning meditations in my little sketch book...I don't know if this will be a daily thing or not but I just seeing what happens...

July 11 2014
Grateful for all I have, My rock this morning says... "Love the life you live"  

Art Reception tonight at Elmhurst Art Museum in the Artist Guild Gallery, 
7-9pm  150 Cottage Hill, Elmhust IL. 
planning on going, not sure if the husband will go...might be a lone rider thing again. 


  1. Kandinsky got very spiritual. I just went to my book shelf to grab a copy of his book, "Concerning the Spiritual in Art" and it's not there. I now know that part of my day will be spent researching this little book. I find his paintings to classical music very inspirational too. What color is the sound of a violin?
    What type of line or shape expresses the sound of a French horn? Ever hear of Synesthesia? And I'm right there with you when it comes to Diebenkorn. Personally, I think the greatest single influence on contemporary art THOUGHT, is Marcel Duchamp. This is a conversation for another time. Let's love the lives we live and be thankful. PEACE

  2. Thanks for sharing your inner self. It makes me feel like there are other people like me.

  3. Kandinski is very inspiring. His work reminds you that 'there are no rules'. I'm also a fan of Hans Hoffman AND Richard Diebenkorn. I have books on both. Guess we have a lot in common Laura.


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