Saturday, July 05, 2014

Digging in the dirt all week

 This is my center flower bed....I started yesterday and you couldn't tell what was what as of it was a mass of green mounds and long tall leaves poking up...three and a half hours and some fingers that are sore...but I got it done.
 This is on the south side of the driveway...again could see the old grandfather stones hanging out there...all over grown.  The weather has been so nourishing for the plants this year. Never to I think I've got it done...but I guess I needed some major one on one because that's what I'm getting...

 One on one is me with my thoughts in the dirt...digging and turning over and pulling out what not working or needs to be given more life.  I planted more bee balm on the other side of the mailbox which by the way I have a new one that I want to paint and do the house numbers etc.

 Close up of the grandfather stones and a gift from the husband one day when he came home a few years ago...  A statue of the Cocker Spanial, they were going to demo the house and well...guess how saved it...and gave it an new home...the Husband...Randy.

 Now every year I go through my rounds of yard pictures...Nothing special, I've weeded this brick from Downers Grove Roads that the husband brought home for about 27 years....Oh my gosh that's an eye to see how long I've been in therapy...hahaha  Well this one and the next photo are the flower beds that will get weeded next.
 I do love my bricks and all my yard art....some and forgot who said you have a lot of yard art...I guess because I'm a collector of things I don't seem to see it that way. Oh well this is the other side of the front deck.
 Now the cherry tree that as bought for us by my father in law is so big now it's roots have pushed the brick up and made a interesting raised bed...but as you can can't see three small ones to complete for the front year.

In this photo, you can see the gray jeep and the little red son's new used jeep and my oldest daughters car...but the old brick have also been used for the edge of my flower bed.   These beds have been a long time life savor for me. Not as long as the brick walk way but almost as long the weeding of them...and adding of more perennials each or two.  Lets call it balance...they have been my got to for balance....and right now with all the creative time I need to put in I'm loving the dual roles...

Now I have to tell you, my fantasy/illusion brain was on over load yesterday while tending to the main flower bed.

A teepee I've always I need it?  good question, but I've always wanted to have that experience of it. And here's one you can have in your own back yard...I would get a bigger one so I could share the experience with more people...down side is the tent ropes reaching out all over the place and the grass area I have is perfect for it but then I would have to buy grass seed every year...Heck I do that already. 

 Then I saw this nice little diddy....would fit right where I put my papermaking tent...(this year not paper is being made so I don't have it up)  and I could see lights in it white ones and long material hanging and big cushions toss around....Yes it would be a "Goddess Tent"  OK...not going to act on this whim right away but as I said it's something that has been welling up in me for along time....One am I going to live it..?   The Crazy down to earth Artist on Dale Road or safe and contained...Well got things to do Art to drop off for exhibiting and some people coming over to look at some work, "possible purchase today" need to get and on....

So ran into some baby raccoon this morning and then ready my horoscope....

July 5, 2014
Meet Your True Needs
Gemini Daily Horoscope
You may find yourself dreaming of an escape from your daily routine today. You could be longing for a vacation, thinking about taking a smaller day trip somewhere close to home, or considering new activities to try. This need to get away might actually be about a deeper dissatisfaction with an aspect of yourself that you may not be ready to deal with. If you can learn to be supportive of your process so you can address your true needs, you can explore the reasons why you feel frustrated. This should allow you to work through your issues internally, rather than you having to make an external escape. Meeting your emotional needs will allow you to see your life today as brighter and filled with possibilities.

By making an effort to meet our emotional needs, we become our best support system and develop a greater sense of inner peace and happiness. It can be difficult to discern exactly what we need sometimes. We might think we're longing for more excitement when in fact we are feeling unloved or lonely. If we can take a few moments to explore our feelings, we can better understand what we truly want. In order to work through uncomfortable emotions, we must face and then process them. By taking the time to figure out your true needs, you can gain a greater understanding of yourself and create a more fulfilling life. 

cleaned up the homestead a little and well it's not about the tent so much is what it stand for and the time one is in there and working on themselves as inside work, mind body and soul now that I figure that out eating some breakfast and then getting ready to drop off work and do a bit of shopping..need a new fan for the bedroom.


  1. GET A TENT! At some point Laura, you will. Maybe not now, not next year but you will have your tent. You have seen it right there in your backyard. In your mind's eye, you know what the inside looks like too. We are what we think. And feel. And do. You said in your beautiful Cloth Paper Scissors interview that art making is essentially part of life for you, like sleeping and eating. You think it, feel it, live it and it comes out in collage, in weeding, in loving your family, in stacking stones, in walking the dogs and watching a movie with the hubby...Art is life, life is art.

  2. Isn't that the truth....creating an artful life is facing many moments of unclarity to be sorted and tossed around for a brief moment of clarity...and I sure was having them when I was weeding. the vision was so strong.


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