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Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Morning Meditation....

Forever I seek
wholeness and heart....

Old vulnerable spots block growth....

Skills not learned....acceptance not felt of self. 
Is this the truth I've lived....? 

Carried  heavy  hidden...


I question and then I just let it fall to the floor and do....act on what is. Magazines and a glue stick...  I've carried around stuff for a long time....

I'm honestly thinking of a rode trip to WI....to see the Kandinsky Exhibit....I'll leave it at that.... When and were....?


  1. You got me thinking about "belonging" so I looked up the meaning and also words that are close in meaning. Synonyms of words always broaden my thinking. I have to ask, to what don't you feel you belong? From my perspective, you are the most connected person I know. Oh.....as soon as I typed those words I remembered our conversations about being alone in a crowd. Are we talking about something deeper than physical belonging?

  2. Where is the Kandinsky exhibit?


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