Saturday, June 14, 2014

Some studio time...and some sweet grass

 Here's the collection of image I gathered on my artist date the other day...just some thing quickly that caught my eye.   Though I like purple in the essences of the flowers but I struggle with it in my feminine?  don't know because I have my moments where I really feel that way...

 Coated some papers that I created in my Monday class to get them ready and then I began on this piece, pulled out a gesso board that was all ready taped off and coated on the surface with polymer. Some sanded Nat. Geo' magazine pages and tacked them down and bring in the purple and did some scribbling with the big graphite crayon I have.  Then took off the large green swatch.  like the color but didn't like it there.

 Using some sponge roller effects I did some stenciling and still not sure if I like it...I'm searching for the effect and allowing myself to intuitively create.  I just needed to be in my studio...I made another video for my on line class for week 2 because I'll be heading to southern Ill to Shaween National Forest. The Husband and I wanted to go last year but the Gov. closed it down so we plan again.

My two dogs likes to chew on this Sweet Grass and I love the smell, like sweet vanilla, I quickly went on line and searched how to harvest, well that was a lot of that growing...kind of takes over the I need to get some small rubber bands and then use the leaf after I cut to wrap around the ends and tie a knot.  They then will need to be dried and can be use for cleansing and smudging. I always smell this grass out in the woods by the prairie...I take a good sniff in and it tingles all the way to my toes. well they say I can get about three harvest in a year...Wow.

Heading to the woods today...and a graduation party later for my Niece...Fathers Day tomorrow...big weekend. 


  1. thanks Sue...not sure where its going but trusting the process...and it's going to be a few day before I can get back to the studio so thought of posting it so I can study it awhile.


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