Sunday, June 22, 2014

Recaps from the Eventful week....and some of my Yard art

 My oldest daughter headed out east to visit her friends on the train for 19 some hours it took her, but she knew this going into the trip. (Second time) She left before my birthday and texts me, to let me know that there was a gift in her bedroom for me...Well as you can see I'm going as a Crow for Halloween, need to get some black craft feathers and do up the hair really nice.  So Cool...I'm also a black toe nail polish junkie...I started during the summer doing my toe nails black some years ago...(trying to be hip with my young adults around here) and well I've not let go of that summer habit. This nail polish has sparkles in it.  I don't do my finger nails because the polish get ruined when I work in the studio with acrylic paints and when I use to frame for over 10 years I didn't wear nail polish because it would get on the mats.

 Well the artist from the garage wasn't finished with birthday bell for me. As you can see it rigged up a nice hanging system one and used the bottom of the tank for another bell.  (Hank posing for the visual here, this is one where Hank looks his size.)

 The husband...Randy out there getting ready to put the tail on the other bell.  Part from a well, the poll, and the cross bar not sure where that came and it's big hooks for the bells worked out perfect. And the nice shinny chain which might not patina but who cares...I've got a present the husband made for me from the junk we have around the house...I know I'm a bit weird about it but Re-Purposed stuff.  now to get him going on the repurposed bathroom...seem to have stalled a bit. Like I said Motorcycle season...

 Oh my faithful follower Carl,  13 years old now and I believe he's going deaf...but he is doing fine about it now...there were some stresses at first...which I hear is par for the transition.  Another view of my back yard...did I say I love my back yard...been cutting and maintaining is for 30 some years mostly by myself...kind of like it that dad and mom taught me well.

Now you can see my are where I would be having the papermaking tent up but this year I passed on it..still have so much paper that I figured best pass...anyways it give me a nice view of the yard art.  and where it's placed...the back yard has lots of shade and it really makes for a nice little woodsy paradise.

So now that Wild is read and Gift from the Sea is done....I've not read any of Naomi Wolf's books head lots about this has been sitting on my shelf from some time...and now that I'm in a mode of doing some afternoon reading I decided to pick it up...Her father is a teacher and it's about the wisdom she has learned from him and how he's effect others through his teaching.
..the introduction....
He is a teacher, an has taught in every kind of setting, for almost sixty years. He changes people's live because he believes that everyone is her on earth as an artist; to tell his particular story or sing her irreplaceable song; to leave behind a unique creative signature... He believes that the heart's creative wisdom has a more important message than anything else, and that our task in life is to realize that message.   Well I'm hooked....and I've began reading it yesterday afternoon, after lawn was cut, bushes trim thinking I've tamed my yard only to see the feral-ness still here.

So up to the studio I go today...might need to get a better schedule going...just got invited exhibiting opportunity and locked in for a solo show next April....seem so long away but with life and all the creative twists and's will flash by. 


  1. Love your birthday gifts from your family! Love that kind! And love the info on the book; sounds wonderful!

    1. I had some concerns about how my young adults are behaving lately and just in the first chapter I was giving the understand of it all...There comes a time when as we grow up we close off and stop learning and at the age that my young adults are that's what's and hopeful some day they will stop and wish to keep learning again.

  2. Laura,your yard looks like a Zen retreat. Good luck with all the opportunities coming your way.

    1. Thanks you Mary...I see you have some nice works on you blog too. keep it up lady!!!


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