Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Grounding with some blueberries this morning....

Seems so much effort goes into a weekend at an art fair that it takes a few days to regain my balance...and footing..so this morning I'm having some breakfast with some great big blueberries and my pumpkin pancakes...treating myself with kindness.

I have some things to tend today...and soon I'm going to be off the kitchen stool here and on with the day. I really need to clean my studio and restore the art work I took with me to the art fair and make room for a few new projects that have been sitting way too long up in the brain and heart section...time as come to send it all on out.

I think I bored you with the post note image a while back...now there's some ideas that are stirring a bit stronger, while I was at the art fair, usually in the morning hours before things really get moving up and down the sidewalks I can lay my Creative thoughts to rest.... Panels bolted together and tall ones at that by the time I get done...where will I put them ? where will the hang?  why am I making these?  that all doesn't matter now...though those are questions that I visited but if I stay to long then I don't like the answers...so I close the door on it for now and tend to the process of creating it. 

Here the bottom section of the totems that I'll be creating...so lets see...82 inches tall with all the section/panels I want to add...which works out to be 6'.8" tall...almost 7 ft.   

A gift to myself there...some dvd's to watch while I'm in the studio along with some books on CD's that came too...


  1. You are a veritable whirlwind Laura...how do you fit it all in?!

  2. I keep whirling Jo....posting about the next steps help keep me focused and some what in line....I laugh at that and wonder who am I fooling...but some how I keep something in the works... and accomplish them...usually I wonder when looking back how it happened...it's a blur...


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