Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Got my walk in

It was a bit of an odd day....

My back door on the Transit for some reason decided not to could pull the handled out but no open door.  I couldn't even get it to open from the inside.  Well we purchased the Extended warrant for the little thing so the Husband wouldn't have to fix anything. So far that worked for the passage door that fell off...the put a pin in that fall out and then it almost did it again so the husband fixed so it won't happen ever.   Now I take the Transit to the dealership that's just a mile a way and leave it there....had an appointment schedule to drop it off...Walked home at 7:00 am in the morning thinking that the back door handle and all the guts would be covered. Well they called later in the day and said I had the best warranty there was but the door handle and the gut's aren't covered... Well and if I wanted it fixed you would have to pay now for it and then when the part comes in which would be about a month because it is on back order then it's all paid for and you will be done...   Thinking I need this back door to open so I can load all my art regalia for classes, workshops and shows.  So I pay them...not happy but at the mercy of....Tell the husband when he gets home....Questions me why didn't I ask them why it wasn't under warranty....Gosh didn't think of that...No they checked and said it wasn't...  so a man's world over there and a woman coming in...he thinks and also I've got to get some better understand on this all as of how to negotiate stuff like this. Thinking to stupid am I...the only skills I've got with this is negotiating art materials around on a surface and wrestling with homestead chores...

So he calls up and they tell him the shpeal...all is true the back door and the guts are not under that gets his goat and he decides to open the back door up and see for him self what's going on... Small rod come down plastic part is screwed on and well it got stripped...he rigs up a fancy thing that won't allow it to strip again and adds a bolt to the bottom of the rod so it won't slip off...there you go... Now I have to go back and get my charge card refunded for the part and at less half the labor or maybe more...oh I'm not good at all this...But I did get my walk in after I dropped the Transit off and when I had to go get a bit hot in the afternoon but was a good walk. 

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