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Friday, June 13, 2014

For my collection of crows and a play

 Up at Dillman's Franice G. was creating this piece and I saw it and thought....hmmm I would like to see if she would sell this to me.  You see I have a collection of image, photos, art and prints of crows...go figure right? and she didn't responded back to me when I said I wanted to buy it...and look what arrived in the mail yesterday.  So delighted to receive this...Thanks Francie!!!

A while back I taught a Artist Way class at Mayslake, One of the students at the time was in the process of being cast for this musical. The students and I all wanted to go see her and well I wasn't able to go last Saturday as I had the art fair and I'm always puddle of mud in the evenings after being attentive for 8 hours so I opted not to go...but I went last night which I was really excited about going. I guess on Thursday nights you can stay after the play/musicals and ask question of the cast. So my friend and I stayed and listened to what was shared.  It was a wonderful humorous evening. Laughed and laughed...so real in spotting our human behavior out.  Wonderful performance Anne Marie and Harry her Husband too!  


  1. What a lovely little piece to add to your collection, Laura!

  2. Well Francie wouldn't take anything for her piece so I donated to the Hinsdale Humane Society...paying it forward...thanks Francie.


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