Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Filling the purple?

Purple color swatch...need green and a dark brown...and a textured you can see this is how one of my process starts. 

I went out after I picked up my artwork from the Best of Best exhibit that I am embarrassed to say I forgot about going to...yikes. A what I've put myself into these last few weeks.  Well anyways Its past and can't change I stopped off at the Danada Stables to see the herd, they had new young gals/riders out there taking classes, but I headed in the other direction to walk....walk....walk out along the pasture fence and see them, just being by them seem to help me settle and ground. Flashes of my past flood in and I'm there in the moment...listening to there tails switch and swat the flies and mosquitoes already biting. Then the constant snorting going on with the mouth so close to all the clover and pollen etc.  Attractive...some might not thing so but it was my artist date.

I started to snap picture there and fill the well with new images. As you can see above I've collected them and put them on one page so to say and I'll print it out and see what kind of inspiration I get. I always abstract it...samples of the last one I did.

 Collage art that came from this artist date...or filling of the well. 

"Let Nature enter you body"  in the process of being sold...but you can see how I was inspired by the images. Then I took it further and made a larger piece on tar paper. I could carry on this another time as a challenge to my creative of this is the image you get to work with now make something...sounds so demanding, but sometimes it's how a series starts for me...or till I run out of paper for the color scheme. 

I'm not a purple color junkie but this could be another area to challenge and take a healthy risk and see what happens. Like I need another thread to follow on my web of creative directions.... well time to head out soon and do some much over due food shopping...things are looking a bit diminished. 


  1. exactly what i love to do... photos of what i love put together for inspiration. :)

  2. Beautiful Laura....and an insight into your inspiration.


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