Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Steps to letting loose, and some assemblage is required.

 So in my process yesterday I completed may steps to "how to's" The Art of Layering, which of course once you get it and go through all the steps you can mix match them at any point but some assemblage is required first.  I thought I would share a sneak peek...Watercolor paper coated with polymer medium then gestural makers with the neo color crayons and sprayed with the workable fixative.

 A few layers in comes come collaging of papers.  Now the color back ground I really wasn't to keen on but I went with it and decided to see what I could get with it.  I guess you would say I created a problem to be solved before I really had to. By picking a color as this mauve/maroon, not my first color palette choice but it was the first thing I grabbed from the acrylic tub on my table.  "The Create with what you have process."

Here's the finished exercise, working with the maroon/mauve/brick red color and then bring in the primary colors is like a train wreck in my book.  But it was the value of the blue that saved it which was in the blue stripped paper. Incorporating it in and covering over working in the different quadrants. Well time to get to work on the workshop packet....I'm tried of hearing myself bring it up all the time these last couple of's been on list for way to long.   I do this to myself to crack the whip and get it done....

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