Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Paying attention to my needs first today.

This morning I'm at the kitchen table, the rain is not falling but has and will probably again before morning has passed. So many visitors have come to the back yard feeder right outside my window. Chipmunks, brown to tan and then to gray squirrels come and hoard up as much as then can. The rabbits stay away for fear of the dogs getting them when we let them out. Golden finches, House finches and purple finches with the red wing black birds, downy's and cardinals. had the Baltimore Oriels come by about a month ago. Morning doves coo to each other as the robin tug and pull the worms out of the ground.

I'm reminded of the letter from Julia Cameron's mother, she shared in the first book she wrote.  How paying attention to details helps you stay present in the now, though life maybe offering a different course that all things do come to pass.

I believe my Garlic is about to bloom to...do you have garlic like mine all over the place?  I really must try to contain it some how.  I know how it got that way...early in the spring the past few years I would turn the dirt over and thinking it would help with weeds and cultivate the good earth.  Well bulbs got spread all over the place and well now I've got a good bumper crop of it.

I'm taking a bit more time this morning to tend to my personal needs.. Of course my morning pages, some meditation book reading and a new book came, "Wild"  a friend of mine is reading that book and she's ask me if I heard of it...well now I've got it here...slow reader that I'm I just got through the being intro pages and ready for chapter one tomorrow or while I eat lunch.  What I found out is the author is a native to Oregon, Portland and my mentor is in the area there...hmmm I wonder if they have met, small work if they did.  any ways....I've got a nice shower done, body is in check and breakfast of two eggs over easy with three small pumpkin pancakes and a cup of bone soup. Two cups of coffee are done and with the cool morning and such lush green, cool spring rain,  I longed for a bit more warmth...so to help fight off and replenish nutritional needs I'm giving myself that gift today.

So easily I can dump myself off at the nearest curb and run on others needs. I think I don't, but I do...so making a conscience effort to be aware of my needs this morning and tending to them is what I'm doing.

As I finish rambling about this I will be heading up stairs to start sorting and packing up the art supplies, a few days ahead but a way of feeling like I've got that under-control and if not and I need something I've given myself time to get it.

So on ward and off the chair I go...the behind is getting a bit to big these days...need to keep it young and moving in a good way not a giggly way.

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