Sunday, May 11, 2014

Good Sunday Morning

 So all winter long I've had a big dog peeing on this part of the back yard to the garden beds...well I've tried to get it started but when you don't block it off guess how keeps going there?  So I've hoe'd up the dirt a little watered it down and then spread the grass seed like chicken feed and now will keep spraying with water in hopes of having some grass there again...

 This is my spot that I enjoy to sit and read and do my morning pages in the spring/summer and fall months till it get to cold. I do need to do my weeding between the bricks.   I call it therapy. it's free and when I'm done I feel all better.

 A few of my stacking rocks from Sister Bay area brought back home next to my Jack in the Pulpit which I have a cluster growing this happy to see.

And yesterday after cutting the lawn I squatted on my little wheeled sitting garden scooter thing...not use to that position....hips are talking to me today...out of weeding shape.  No worry will be in shape shortly with all the weeding/therapy I've got to do.   I have mostly perennials growing and some veggies tucked in here and there because of lack of sun has me limited to where I can plant. 

It's Mother's day and I've sat outside this morning to the birds and the chimes...cup of coffee and a few moments to do the morning pages and then see what the day has in store for things. The husband is planning on taking his mom out for breakfast on the motorcycle fun for her..I hope she's up soon.
and me today I'll give my mom a call...sent out some things already but today is also her birthday so do want to wish her a happy birthday... I'm also thinking of cleaning my fish tank and bathing my house plant in the fish water...they need a good bath and extra boost of good energy. And I might venture to the woods...later not sure letting the day unfold. 


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    1. I had my youngest daughter tell me..."Mom I love our yard" and I said, "yes I do to"

  2. Beautiful yard. I need to do something with mine.

  3. Beautiful yard. I need to do something with mine.

  4. Beautiful yard. I need to do something with mine.


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