Friday, May 16, 2014

Do you ever wonder?

All things happen when they happen for a reason....

here is one of my daily med's that came into my email box in the morning.. 

Elder's Meditation of the Day - May 16
"It's time. If you are to walk the path of heart, then it is' time..."
-- Nippawanock, ARAPAHOE
If not now, when? If not me, who? To walk the path of the heart is a great honor. Every human has the choice to walk this path, but very few will decide to make it. Why? Well, because you can't act and behave like everyone else behaves. You must be the person who will learn to look within. You must be the person who will be fully accountable for yourself. You must be the person who prays and meditates. You must be the person who will sacrifice. You must decide to be a Peaceful Warrior. What will you decide today?Oh, Great Mystery, lead me on the path of the heart.


I'm procrastination...I know it the hauling of supplies down from the studio to load in the back of the Transit the frenzy of thinking I'm going to forget something....and the world will end then...not but I'm sure you understand that feeling...

My emotions are right there above my heart and at my throat....I usually go to the studio and create this raw feeling out of me but instead I sent a email to my mentor and wrote about it and now blogging about it...what is it?   well I'm not going to get all ugly but the EGO has risen and I'm not liking that one bit and the inner critic as rammed her whole body through my back door and made herself comfortable at the kitchen table. 


So a Gibb's-NCSI move....Slap across the back of the head and snap out of it...get a good cry out and cleanse the soul and see change and embrace it with open arms and drop the rock on the immature stuff and live and love from the heart, core, center....some how or another I seem to have to come crashing into myself and then realize all of this is - has gotten me to the Here and Now.  

Hard to feel again area's that you never knew how to deal with an acted out in very immature ways, safely in my mind and thoughts but that does and has led me to do and say something that come out of left field and well put me the mud without boots on. 

I've been walking a whole bunch in the woods and the hue of green is in many shades out there on all levels. It has become my spirit color if there is one....I don't used it a lot in my work but what it's doing when I see it is remarkable. Call it witnessing growth outside and inside...

Off to bust a move on son's last day of work and then he starts his new job for Village of Burr Ridge and my daughter Maddie will be doing Manifest at Columbia College today in Chicago, she will be bringing her younger sister and friend with to join in the fun of this wonderful accomplishment. 

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