Saturday, April 12, 2014

Slipped this in yesterday morning

So still in my night gown, I ran up stairs to the studio and looked at this sketch and though....hmmm I could use this one. Well I started to pick my papers and lay them out and it just wasn't right...I feel rebellious at that point.  Here I picked a lay-out and now I'm going to go against it and do something totally off.. This is when I let the papers lead me...From picking the sketch as starting point the night before and not looking at another ones...why don't know guess I give myself limits on things and push that creativity...

                                                                 "Full Moon Rising"
As I'm creating this piece I really do fall in love with the papers. The happy surface accidents that happen after a glazing really excite the heck out of me.  I remember reading about learning to fall in love with you work...and darn I say I do again and again especially when I go through the process and make the papers and then see how they all interact together afterwards... On to the last two...then I have a few more little ones I would like to try and sneak in too. Love an assignment...I know that's hard for some to do as of commit to a set number of things and do them...this is where my addictive quality play well with me.

So grateful....working in segments of time...I was able to finish the clearing of the dried growth and add some bags of manure to my little garden beds and then have a nice lunch out on the back patio, then I slipped in a walk in the woods with food shopping afterwards...a very productive day.

I've got to drop off work at Elmhurst Artists' Guild Gallery and then put my tent up...I so excited to see how these sides work...I received them last year and never had a chance to put them together.


  1. Hi,molto interesanti i tuoi collage,bella combinazione di colori,brava!

  2. Really love this, Laura. I can feel the night time, the moon rising and all the sights and sounds a whisper to me.


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