Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ramblings....Studio Day....good news.

A combination of things is upon me...Number one is to be in the studio all day today.  I'm going to be dressing up for this and working on my dream day....Where's that Crock pot...time to get the thing fired up so dinner will be made but I think I'll work the Corn beef and hash today...and with some veggies. 
It will be mostly the husband and I so it should work out just find. Seems when St. Patrick's day came by I was one of the late one to purchase my Corn Beef...and there was none left, so that night we had chicken...of sorts. So made up for it a few days ago.  

I have to complete a boat load of work before the end of the month...why because I set it up that way...seem to give myself a job or assignment and see what happens..I plan on pulling out my little collage sketchbook and using it inspiration. 

One never knows what one can do unless you give it a that's the plan for today. All these squares and rectangle piece of roof felt paper will hopeful become art.  

Along with working on these...I have now 11 people signed up and and register for The Art of Layering in Collage 5 day workshop...Awesome I'm so happy for it and to share with everyone.  I've got some work to prepare for that really soon...but today it's studio...redirect. 

And just two days ago I hear that these two piece were accepted in the "Identity Interpreted and Assumed - Self Portrait" at Tall Grass Art Association 

To wild they both have the same image and with crows... I had another one in the submission but these two were picked.  Reality is it's time to start getting the work to work for itself been switching things up now and than as of entering different shows/exhibits and see what happens. 

Well dressed and read to head up stairs...there seems to be a bid of rain coming this way and I spread my grass seed in hopes of the rain coming after racking the back and front yard to stir up the dried grasses and prepare for this.  Well it's Thursday and My day in the Studio and it's New Release Day on to hear what's coming out music wise..



  1. Interesting POST!
    Good luck with the collage class.
    I also teach collage.
    Please check out my ART Blog:
    Thanks = )

  2. Congrats on teaching...I see the young ones enjoying themselves...


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