Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Morning light makes the difference

Size " 15 x 27" Artwork is 11 x 23

 OK here it is....many thoughts of all the things I need to do where toying with my time yesterday but I didn't listen to them...I kept at it and finished this piece. I call it, " Early Spring Woods Walk"  so many things I experimented with and explored.  And finished it up with the Grommets for hanging. (no glass, no frame)

When I was walking around the Tall Grass prairie I snapped the picture with the contrast of the gray sky the dark woods canopy and the rich yellow. Which caught my eye for an abstract landscape.

The scribbling of the gestural lines represent the area I seen where the yellow berries where..all the growth has died and the branches for the plants left  this sporadic look. And the berries had some what of a stem, so I really abstracted that part.  The strong yellow is the tall grass prairie section.

Close up...

I used the thin white gray paper from the sky section for the tall grass prairie stems that are laying all over the place out there in different directions. After the weight of the snow on them, there isn't much left. The wavy paper just before the black circles represents the edge of the path, I like the effect of the textural papers. The Large black circles represent the  tree truck and the open spot at the bottom of the tree where the bark was off and the wood of the tree was exposed for some time.  The sanded National Geographic papers with the leaf effect is just the underbrush all around.  I have a little more paper that I can see if I can pull something else out of the series before no more paper is left.

this is Tack Down Tuesday's piece

                                Let Nature Enter your Body...8 x 8 collage on watercolor paper...

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