Saturday, April 19, 2014

Job completed....7 in total

 Pierhead Lighthouse, Algoma WI,
 Baileys Harbor Range Lights
 Cana Island Lighthouse
 Canal Station Pierhead Lighthouse
 Old Baileys Harbor Light
 Pilot Island Lighthouse
Plum Island Range Lights

Each one of these are 5 x 9 artwork 3 x 7 on tar paper, I found a map on line and looked at the little photo's on it and just started to fold, tear and cut the papers...then with a polymer layer already dried and waiting for me to tack down I went at it...took me a bit between Wifely duties and sitting on the couch eating my bon bon's....hahaha   Not sure what will come of them, as there Raw and Rough or as the Gallery Owner calls them Organic....which I like that too. I'll be dropping them off if she excepts them Next weekend...the Husband and I are taking a trip up that way. Lake Michigan Lighthouses...and if you click on gray area's you get a bit of history. 

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