Friday, March 07, 2014

Sharing a older pieces

I created this piece awhile ago, was inspired by the Word SEX...from the Time Out magazine that I picked up in Chicago on one of my trips in.   I wanted to use the font in piece and I was toying with some acrylic paints for some added texture. One of my first attempts at working with the wood panels and cutting a hole and building a box and securing all by myself.  Felt pretty accomplished after that job.

The story about this piece is from my understand we have the ability to have a sex drive from the day we are born to the day we I picked the Numbers 0 to 95 to show that...then a sexual drive or impulse may last as long as 95 seconds...  and I throw the Red Love Bug in there for added snicker.

The woman's hair is being blown away by how fast the sex drive is....all a toy with the word. I tell people when the look at this piece with a smile on there faces, because I know they are all thinking of what ever this words brings to there mind that it's all the good stuff without the Naughty bits and they get a good chuckle from that.

Size is 18 x 18 Collage and Mixed Media on Wood panel...I just submitted it the Earth Day Artifact's Exhibit at the Culturalstock in Aurora...will wait and see if it's excepted or not. Along with this entry I submitted two more.

Old medicine cabinet....20/20 vision, with collage and assemblage 10 x 17 x 3.5

A moment in time is just collage papers not glazing or shadowing..which I don't do much of any more but I do enjoy looking at this piece with all the found papers..and handmade papers too. Blueprints even which are hard to come by unless you have the right connections....which I have a big roll of them I'm afraid to use up...what am I saving them for?   God knows need to bring them out soon and I have Sea charts maps too. Not sure if that's the name to really call them...will have to check in on that.

Well today and tomorrow are scheduled for Taxes....need to do them...I know I will feel so good after their done so going to bust a move on them...I usually have them checked off the list but this year..waiting for 1099's to come in from the different teaching opportunities I've had was what held things up...people forgot to send them....had to get on there case a know give them a nudge...


  1. Hey, for a change I got my taxes done before you! Quite a change on my part...

  2. I know I heard it from the Husband about not having them done....but thing was I was waiting for the 1099's to come back for one of the many place I've worked for this past year... They forgot about us teachers....?? go figure.


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