Friday, March 28, 2014

Full day in the studio but much more....

There's been a few things going on lately....some exhibits I've been accepted in and some Art Fairs and another magazine.  So much that I've gotten behind in the art making part of things.  So I spent the whole day in the studio...from early morning yoga to breakfast and lunch.

I finished my series which I've not settled on a name for them all but the series of Stacking Rocks. 9 pieces total in all, I need to scan the smaller sizes that will fit on the scanning bed and photograph the other ones, then mount them on the wood panels...send an image to the gallery in WI for approval and I can put a check in that box on the list of task done.

I have to share this with you all...

When I saw her email with the colors of the pie what can I say but "awesome to see," and then I looked at it and thought how hard it is as an artist to fill all this sections but in order to continue to do what I love to do I pursue this in some wild crazy chaos of colors such as this. There is a lot of good information on her site. I've been following her for sometime. So this now is something I also hang on my studio wall as I walk in and out. An awareness reminder.   

All the different ways to approach an art career, or entrepreneur work, it's a business that's for sure but it's approach seems to be a bit different because it's usually the creative one being all colors of the pie. So seeking and making Balance with it all becomes a job in itself.  No set path here...we/I seem to need the freedom to expand on some section and contract on others at different times...for no better way to put it but "tweaking."  As Alyson puts it, "finding our own way" 

Right now I've fulfilled myself with the "Make" section and need to move to the next one on the right and "Maintain Marketing"   While I throw a load of Laundry in and take the dogs for a walk. No really the juggling roles I choose in my life are the foundation of my creative art career.  All the regulars and abnormalities/normality in life, family and home build a solid base.  I need them as much as they need me. Keeps me ground and humble. 

After a couple of hours up there in the studio my four legged companions joined me...

 Carl, our rescue on Sept. 11th that morning.... he will be 13 years old  this in some back and hip issue but is very content with  a happy little trot in his step. Always at my side, even now under my feel at the kitchen table as I type this out on the lap top.

 Hank our dear, spoiled baby.... I'm to blame I know...he will be 4 years old in July. (sucker for the big guys, my house pony too)

 Sophie my dear paper eating collage soon as I come into the studio she gets all excited and runs in and start to lick paper....seem I have that paper all over the place...but if I don't watch it she licks holes in some good ones. 
They were hanging out with me all day long. 

I made it through the silly funk...and it wasn't that I was blocked as much as one of the mid life...question who am, what am I doing, and where am I going with a side step of damn I'm a lonely soul... I keep showing up to my morning pages and showing up in the studio, had my boots on for the shit I was tossing around in my head...when my heart was crying loudly for me to accept where I was...standing safe in my own shoes girl friend...ask for help and let it be...move in and out of that one kind of points with a thick spot but grateful for my Sage Women and their advice. 

In the book" The 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women, by Gail McMeekin... I pulled it back off the shelf...(for about three weeks now it's be flashing a Purple light at me, not really but it seemed like it, you in know like a blue light special from our local Kmart)

Words she shared....just a few pages in....Love is an essential success strategy for any endeavor. Doing work you love captivates your life force and enthusiasm.  If you are settling for doing work you hate, you are missing this joy of full engagement. Falling in love with your work, over and over again, fulfills us like a great marriage. Our work is a potent relationship, and love is an essential lubricant.  Having a love affair with our work and it's possibilities reminds us all that expressing love through our creative works is a peak experience of life.  

What can I say but it's time to fall back in love...with self, others, and the big creative process called life.  


Thank you for stopping by and viewing my collage chatter, many creative blessings and peace to you and yours